Partnership 07.16.2012

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of our process is the collaborative back and forth between Kelli and I. We feed off each other's ideas and discoveries, one building upon the next, until we arrive at a cohesive design. None of our work is exclusively the product of one partner. Our work would not be half as good were it the product of one hand, one mind. And this sharing is what makes working with one's spouse so rewarding.

Our luck lies in the fact that we possess complimentary, overlapping, and at times even contradictory skills, which leads to a natural ebb and flow throughout our process. At any given point one, if not both of us, is deeply intrigued by the problem at hand, be it a spatial arrangement, a solution to bring natural light and fresh air into the center of a building, or a 1/16th inch reveal in a detail.

Our tools are as varied as our opinions. Pens, pencils, paints, cameras, knives, computers. They are all utilitarian serving the goal of design. Each tool has its preferred application. A watercolor paintbrush makes for lousy details. Conversely a drafted detail cannot convey the intensity of light introduced by a skylight over a marble clad shower. It is the blending of these techniques which produces a beautiful place.

And of course it is the place which is most important. We feel fortunate to be involved in the shaping of places where business owners become part of their communities, parents raise children, friends cook and dine with one another. It is this reward that keeps us working side by side, day after day.

Remodeling and Home Design